Marietta, GA
Episcopal Church of the Annunciation
1673 Jamerson Road, Marietta GA

Episcopal Church of the Annunciation

Outdoor baptisms, red balloons, and a blinking birthday hat are cherished traditions at Annunciation. There’s also the cow.

At a church picnic during the heat of August, new members take the plunge into commitment. In weekly worship, the congregation recognizes each birthday and anniversary, and the blinking birthday hat goes to anyone whose birthday falls on that Sunday. For the birthday of the church at Pentecost, everyone gets a red balloon.

As for the cow—Annunciation’s original services were next to a pasture, and a cow is part of the church’s weather vane. The parish looks after the young with a summer day camp for needy children, blankets made by the parish’s Southern Comforters for ill and traumatized children, and the old with game days at facilities for the elderly.








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